The beautiful things

Sometimes they hide inside, sometimes they are not obvious, and most days, I am not able to see anything at all.

Ebenfalls gute Chancen auf einen Aufstieg hat Erik Durm. Allein schon, weil es auf der Position des Linksverteidigers immer Bedarf gibt. Jogi Löw würde sich so gern eine Alternative zu Marcel Schmelzer schnitzen. Und was machen die Dortmunder? Schnitzen mal eben selbst.

—11Freund über die Chancen der aktuellen U21 Nationalspielern (via wolkenwaerts)

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Thranduil and his first wife) original costumes 

Beautiful noldo by Tano 

it… was… cold.. Russian winter) but we made this! thanks to all friends who helped~ 

Я по-русски напишу, что это на самом деле малыш Фингон, который шифруется под деву))) и от меня - я восхищен дизайном, который мы совместно создали, это прекрасно, ящитаю 

Gorgeous photo’s, great setting and a lovely original canon.

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Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in class. Maybe on stage it’s different, but class is for pushing yourself and trying new things. If you did 2 pirouettes yesterday, do 3 pirouettes today. If you did 3 pirouettes yesterday, do 4 today. That’s why you wake up in the morning - you cannot just keep doing 2 pirouettes and being satisfied with that. So don’t be afraid to fall. If you make mistakes, I will correct you. That’s why I’m here, that’s why you come to class.

—Alexander Filipov, last week in class (via straightenthoseknees)

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