The beautiful things

Sometimes they hide inside, sometimes they are not obvious, and most days, I am not able to see anything at all.

"Easter is new beginnings, new life. Easter is about hope." - Bunnymund

I know it’s two days early, but Happy Easter everyone! I hope each and every one of you has a fun and festive holiday! :) 

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vaganovaboy asked: Ahh no I didn't go to the Motion picture festival!! I've seen the signs but I didn't pay attention to when it was. Was it only today?

I have no idea :D I think it starts on Tuesday :D

Wir haben gesehen, wie unfassbar ausdauernd er ist. Er musste auf den Platz. Leider ist er vorm Tor nicht der ruhigste, das ist ungünstig als Stürmer.

—Jürgen Klopp über Erik Durm und dessen “Umschulung” (via bvbkirsche)

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